What is hoolah?

Up to 75% of ecommerce consumers look, add items to the shopping cart but don’t buy. hoolah helps solve this problem for merchants by allowing consumers to increase their personal affordability with a buy now and pay later payment option enabling interest free repayment in 4 equal installments. Also, you receive payment as soon as the first installment has been paid.


Increase Sales

Increase Sales through Conversion and Basket Growth. Upwards of 20% growth in conversion rates and a greater likelihood to add more items as consumers have enhanced affordability.

Loyal Customers

Consumers will return to your site to pay the way they want to pay. Get the right metrics without diluting your brand through heavy discounting.

Efficient Working Capital

Efficient Working Capital

Faster turnover of inventory, with funds settled to you to ensure you can continue reinvesting in your business.

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