A Handy-dandy Guide to Spruce Up Your Home with Unique & Unorthodox Trinkets

When it comes to flipping through pages of look books and home décor magazines, stylish interior designs are often fascinating to look at and inspiring to follow. And in an era steeped in finding a voice in society, one can argue that a home is not a home without its own unique personality.

With countless themes to choose from, there are already a plethora of decorating options and design manuals made widely available. Here, we dive deep into the lesser explored realms — including one that forays into the metaphysical, one that sets foot into the jungle, and another that is reminiscent of a summertime vacation — to find out quirky trinkets and other home decorations that can help spruce up your living space.

Crystal Magic

Credits: Illa Nocte

New-age spiritual healing has become a thing lately. Celebrities, the likes of Adele, Naomi Campbell and Miranda Kerr, are known to possess one or two, or even an entire shelf in their living quarters. Reportedly known to cleanse the room of negativity and stimulating good vibes, having some crystals in your possession can be empowering too.

For the uninitiated, there are plenty of crystal sellers online and many of whom are eager to educate about the crystals’ purported healing properties. But if you are looking to find crystals that emit positivity and feel-good vibes in your homes, having selenite and apophyllite in your living room are good choices to begin with.

Rugged Rugs

Credits: Iva Prime on Pexels.com

Many homeowners, especially those of the older generations, have rarely taken a fancy at floor rugs, but their allure to pep up your living space is hard to ignore. Often seen as an anchor — where the aesthetic of other furniture revolves around it — to the living room, it’s no secret that placing rugs in your room or living space can make them look more inviting. Available in various textures, these rugs add depth and stimulate your senses as you walk on them.  

Credits: rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Of course, when purchasing a rug or two, do keep check the label if they are washable. If so, wash them in cool water and place them on a gentle cycle. If not, you may find talcum powder working wonders for fur rugs or hair-on hides. Nylon screens can act as protective sheathe, where you placed over the rug and vacuum over it.

Animal-Inspired, Wooden Door Stoppers

Intricately crafted and wholly adorable, these animal-inspired wooden door stoppers are well-worth adopting into your home, and we are sure guests would take a second look and might offer a praise or two. Besides, these make for excellent housewarming gifts too!

Flower Power

Fresh flowers are known to freshen up the living space, and we recommend keeping some small vases around your dining table, coffee table, and even bring it to your work desk!

Credits: Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

We recommend filling the vase with the right amount of water and changing the water daily. In an interview with Women’s Weekly Singapore, celebrity florist, Saskia Havekes, who has worked with Nicole Kidman and other notables, you can get “more longevity” by trimming off the ends of the stems each time you change water.

Potted Greens

Credits: Tatiana on Pexels.com

Having pots of indoor plants are great at boosting serenity, freshening the space and purifying the air, some are relatively low maintenance, while others require a fair bit of labour. When you scour for your potted greens, we recommend seeking advice from botanists or florists on where best to place them. After all, not all plants thrive under direct sunlight.

For starters, a pot of Fittonia seems to befit the humid bathrooms. For the negligent few, the Zanzibar Gem with its shiny, waxy leaves only requires watering once a fortnight.

Gallery Wall

There are a few ways to inject personality into your living space and we can do so by NOT keeping your walls bare.

Credits: Pinterest

The next time you find yourself visiting an art carnival or heading to street pop-ups, be on the lookout for unique portraits or masterpieces to frame on your wall. Or if you have children, why not have them come together for some family bonding action to create masterpieces of your own? And if you simply don’t have any time for that, why not snap some pictures, smear on a monochromatic filter, print them and have them framed up?

Credits: ActSeed.co

The possibilities are endless and if anything, creating this wall is going to be fun! Here’s a tip: Anchor the biggest pieces in the middle and work your way around them. Be open to using various types and sizes of frames, while spacing them out evenly.

Rattan Basket with Pom Poms

Rustic and superbly adorable to look at, the woven rattan bags were objects of trend in between the mid-2018 and mid-2019. Here, the homespun qualities of the summertime-inspired carryalls render themselves into a basket that has been adorned with miniature colourful pom poms.

Meant to enliven the living room with a touch of mellow warmth, the rattan basket with pom poms also has plenty of utility too. We recommend putting by the TV couch with some magazines to read at your leisure or simply deposit some packets of chips for you to munch on while binging Netflix on the big-screen!

Circular Mirrors

Credits: HipVan

Veering away from rigidity and stoicism, circular mirrors are far different from their structured counterparts. A revival trend of sorts, the circular mirrors have become inspirations behind several look books and magazines today. Needless to say, way beyond its illuminative, reflective and ‘space-expanding’ qualities, circular mirrors are soothing to look at and best known for adding an elegant and whimsical flair into the room. 

(psst, we recommend hanging by the entrance so that you can take a selfie before you leave.)

These home decorations are just the tip of the ice-berg. And if you have any other home decorations worth mentioning, do let us know!

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